New Alpine baby, born early this morning, “talks” to SRWHMG volunteer!

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New Alpine baby, born early this morning,  “talks” to SRWHMG volunteer!

New Alpine baby, born early this morning, “talks” to SRWHMG volunteer!

June 20

So precious! Can you imagine what could have happened to him instead?

His whinnie feels like a great big “Thank you” for saving his mom and the 70 Alpines from the last two auctions. Our supporters and volunteers are pulling out all the stops for this incredible feat.

These auctions are without limitation to slaughter and there are no good homes bidding on them, because the horse market and rescue market are saturated. The callousness in which these innocent creatures are treated in our own state of Arizona is out of this world.

Rob Lever, Supervisor of the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, who is in charge of this entire debacle, was asked about tiny babies ending up in horse slaughter plants in Mexico. He was quoted “we have no influence over the free market after we sell them”. Wow, does he have no conscience whatsoever? Just wow. #shameonASNF

Dear Rob Lever, you have the alternative to work with horse advocates on solutions, and on placing horses safely, so that the next precious newborn does NOT end up in a slaughterhouse!!

As the public, these horses belong to us. YOU can Help to make a difference. Here are the officials to ask for their support for wild horses now:

  • Governor Katie Hobbs- 602-542-4331
  • Senator Kyrsten Sinema- 520-639-7080
  • Senator Mark Kelly – 602-671-7901
  • Congressman David Schweikert – 202-225-2190

#governorhobbs #senatormarkkelly #senatorsinema #repschweikert #repgrijalva

Ask our local newstations to pay attention horses too!

  • Channel 3- 602 207 3443
  • Channel 10- 602 257 1234
  • Channel 12- 602 257 1212
  • Channel 15- 602 273 1500

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Many questions about how they are doing; a lot better! The taming process is going well as you can see for a mare that has been taken from her home in the Apache Forest just 3 or 4 weeks ago. BTW, she was not this skinny when she lived wild and free, all horses came from the roundup contractor in very skinny condition. This is Coconino’s mare and son! Lead stallion Coconino is also doing well in our other SRWHMG holding location and soon they will be reunited!

But we cannot transport them until they are strong enough, which will take about 6 weeks. The other newborns are doing well also and they will all be reunited with their families at the The Wild Horse Refuge !

To rescue more Alpine wild horses like them, and to help with feed and transport, please go to our website : or PayPal to

Also watch the news FOX 10 Phoenix tomorrow morning.