One year down, 100 more to go!

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One year down, 100 more to go!

One year down, 100 more to go!

How time flies when you are doing the right thing!
One year ago we were hired by the State of Arizona to do the very important job of humanely managing the Salt River wild horses. We have accomplished soo much in that time!

We never said humane wild horse management would be easy, but we said it would be possible. Our programs are running smoothly, and by everyone working together we are successfully preserving and managing an important historic and recreational resource as part of our national heritage.

Thank you Governor Doug Ducey for your leadership on this, thank you Representative Kelly Townsend for sponsoring the bill for their protection, thank you Arizona Department of Agriculture and director Mark Killian for seeing it through, and thank you Jaquelyn Hughes for the close working relationship and the renewal of our State Contract!
We also want to thank @MCSO Lake patrol and @MCDOT for their supporting roles and our national coalition partner the @American Wild Horse Campaign.

Last but not least, we want to thank our incredibly hard working volunteers and we want to thank YOU, the always supportive public who gave them their voice.

We believe that all wild horses deserve these humane standards of treatment and we hope that through our work, this will become more the norm, and less the exception.

If you agree, please click like on our Facebook Page, but also please do these few quick actions for the horses:
1. Share this post in many places 2. Thank Governor Doug Ducey on his fb page.
3. Thank the Arizona Department if Agriculture on their fb page and 4. If you’d like to help please invite people to go to our website to contribute to their humane management.

On behalf of the Salt River wild horses, we thank all of you, SRWHMG.