❤️🐴💕Our 3 bands of Alpine survivors!!!

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❤️🐴💕Our 3 bands of Alpine survivors!!!

❤️🐴💕Our 3 bands of Alpine survivors!!!

January 10th


Phase one of their rescue completed, we won the bids on all of them! Thank you everyone who jumped on their bandwagon and donated towards their bail!! 🙏💟

All three bands were bait trapped out of the exact area where the horrific shootings happened between October 3rd and 5th of 2022 in the Apache Sitgreaves Forest. (No updates have been made on the investigation into the massacre of over 50 horses.)

They were shot at, and had to watch family members die, but they escaped and survived. We had hoped they would escape capture too, but sadly they didn’t. They were bait trapped and removed from the Apache Forest last month. Stallions and mares and yearlings were seperated at the holding facility.

They are currently still at the holding facility of the contractor Rail Lazy H, but will be arriving at our quarantine facility in Heber, AZ this Thursday!! Then we will let all the horses together again and sort themselves out, however they want to. We are very much looking forward to that and hope all will arrive safely.

Phase 2 of this project, includes their 30 day quarantine period, where we have to get coggins and health certificates on all of them and geld 4 stallions, Baldy, Ridge and two bachelors. (Unfortunately Hero was missing from the auction)

Then after that, they will finally get some justice and peace!! The Wild Horse Refuge in Keenesburg Colorado is welcoming them with open arms, and we could not be more grateful!

But we still have to get them there and we still need your help as all of this is very costly and we’ve taken it on 100% . So 120 people have been our heroes and stepped up to donate, but if you help share this, we are sure we can find 100 more!

This is our fundraiser for them to be able to get to their happily ever after!! We are at $8500 now, but need $15,000!!!

Stay tuned for the reuniting of these horses on Thursday and please support this mission with all that you can do. Gratefully, SRWHMG.

The Facebook Fundraiser is here

Or donate directly on our website here:

Alpine Wild Horse Fund

Sincerely thankful for you our supporters.