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Progress Made on Bush Hwy

Progress Made on Bush Hwy

As most locals know, Bush Hwy runs directly through Salt River wild horse habitat, with the Salt River on one side and their grazing grounds on the other.

We have been having meetings with MCDOT for more safety improvements to the road, and last year some of these improvements were added, such as the horse crossing signs, rumble strips and message boards. More improvements are in the works for this year.

The crossing at Coon Bluff Road and Bush Hwy has been the most dangerous one for drivers, and most deadly for horses. It is where Dakota lost his life. We have asked for an underpass at that location but we understand that the cost for that is extremely high.

So we are happy to announce that we are getting the next best thing: a 3-way stop at Coon Bluff Road and Bush Hwy! It will be installed tomorrow! We believe it will reduce the risk significantly. ( we have never had a horse hit at the 4-way.)

We will thank the MCDOT workers with pizza and muffins, but we need your help in saying a quick thanks on their Facebook page too. Click here to thank Maricopa County Department of Transportation. It is very important to appreciate when progress is being made!

To a safer Bush Hwy, for all who use it. Cheers! SRWHMG.