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Relocation of Mick’s band

Relocation of Mick’s band

Relocation of Mick’s band from the Butcher Jones area to the protected Salt River Area. (This currently consists of approximately 20,000 acres)

Our attempts at enticing Mick’s band through the tunnel (like the previous 5 bands) were unsuccessful due to public interference.
Therefore the AZDA stepped in and captured the entire band at Butcher Jones, carefully loaded them in a trailer and then they were immediately dropped off at the river, at the location of Goldfield. We witnessed the unloading and were able to confirm that all horses were unharmed and in good health.

The next day we were excited to go find them at the river, to update our followers – our search yielded lots of happy bands in the water, but not Mick’s band.

Low and behold they had “homepigeoned” right back to the tunnel area, 5 miles away from the river! They had to actually cross the river to get there. We did not provide water on day one in the hopes they would go back to the river. However on day 2 we had to install a water station. ( In a hidden location )

We then started encountering public interference again, both with cut fences at the tunnel and placements of small amounts of water, after we had already established a waterstation.

There is one young horse still stuck on the Butcher Jones side and we are currently in the process of catching this little straggler boy, and reuniting him with the band. Then we will be on our way to move this band by means of traveling watertroughs.

This move is a cooperation between AZDA, USFS and SRWHMG, and we need the cooperation and the support of the public. Please understand that all Salt River wild horses are treated 100% humanely.

Sincerely, SRWHMG.

Watch video here: