Remembering all of our successes, who are living happily ever after 💗

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Remembering all of our successes, who are living happily ever after 💗

Remembering all of our successes, who are living happily ever after 💗

March 10th

When a foal we tried to save doesn’t make it and breaks all of our hearts, it is important to remember all of our successes, who are living happily ever after. All of these foals pictured were teetering on the verge of death when we rescued them, but they are perfectly healthy and thriving adult horses today. They all have their own incredible story.

Rosco and Gideon were similar cases as Amora and also did not receive their first colostrum. However, we got to them in the nick of time to receive colostrum and plasma. Most of these foals were septic, and were at extreme lows with their hemoglobin, protein and white bloodcells. Some had bone infections and had such a low survival chances that veterinarians recommended giving up on them because of the costs involved.

With the support of the public we have invested thousands of dollars on these foals and thousands of hours of care for them; day and night, our volunteers never left them alone for a second until they were completely back on their feet.

So while we know we cannot save them all, we know we have made a difference for so many. We continue to give them a happily ever after at our rescue facility, which is their permanent sanctuary.
They are not riding horses and they do not have to please people in any sort of way. Our only goal is for them to simply live happily ever after together in a family band structure, – close to what they would have had in the wild. We could never seperate them, because they are extremely bonded as a band, this is why we do not adopt them out. Our volunteers love taking care of them and seeing them being happy is pure therapy for all of us.

But in order to continue our important rescue program we need continuous support, because feed, medicine, hoofcare, dental care and play toys are ever increasing monthly costs.
All of our rescues have a sponsor page. If you want to help us make a difference you can pick any of these rescues to sponsor for their monthly costs. With just a few dollars per month you become incredibly important in their lives. You can even sponsor a horse with your company or with your hobby group or organization.

Please click here to pick your rescued horse

This year we will have a big sponsor event at our property so that all of our important sponsors can meet their horses in person!

We want to thank the veteranarians that have charged us a lot, but have saved these foals and didn’t give up on them. We want to thank our supporters, even the ones who cannot donate but just give mental support. We want to thank the AZDA, the Arizona Department of Agriculture for their partnership and authorization to save these foals. Lastly we are incredibly proud of our dedicated careteam, who have done and continue to do just about anything for our rescues.

“The biggest purpose in life is to fight for what is right, and the biggest reward is knowing you made a difference.”
Simone Netherlands.

Make a difference every day,
Sincerely, SRWHMG.