Reminiscing: Shadowfax in his glory years

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Reminiscing: Shadowfax in his glory years

Reminiscing: Shadowfax in his glory years

January 4th

Check out these absolutely amazing images of Shadowfax in his glory years. Pattie and George Walsh are professional photographers (GPWalsh Photography) and are also long time dedicated volunteers for SRWHMG.

They have made it very easy to purchase images of any size (to fit your decor) and also any material (metal, wood or canvas) from their website. They made this site special to help the group with donations, because the hardest part for a non profit organization is to always have to fundraise enough to make ends meet for all of our important programs.

You can chose from several Salt River horses and families or river scenes and there are other wild horse herds there too like the Heber wild horses. They donate 51% of all proceeds from the entire website to SRWHMG, which we will use for Shadowfax’s care and vet bills. So please buy his photograph, or any other on this site, as you will be helping him directly.

The top pictures on this page are all Shadowfax

If there are any other photographers who want to donate or sell their images of Shadowfax to help with his care, please do message us.
FYI update: He is doing very good and is surprisingly comfortable around us and his new digs. He is starting to let Batman know that it’s his arena too now. It’s good that he’s starting to stick up for himself because in the wild he was trying to stay away from other stallions out of fear.

Currently we are carefully putting some sorely needed weight on him first, before he is in good enough shape to take the sedation for his veterinary and dental procedures. Right now he does not have any muscle or fat on his bones. (See picture 2) This picture is the kindof before picture we take so that we can compare week by week what he is gaining. We hope to get him back in tip top shape, as soon as possible, but it might take a little while. We will keep you updated regularly.

Please don’t be sad, but be happy that he has a great retirement ahead of him. It will involve meeting some of his own offspring and feeling like his old self again.

We thank you so much for all of your support for his rescue and retirement. We thank the AZDA so much for the ability to help Shadowfax and Batman, instead of having to watch them wither away. For more background on their stories, please see our previous posts and videos on this page and please invite your friends to like our page also.

Compassion counts. SRWHMG.

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