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Rescue Highlight: Mori

Rescue Highlight: Mori

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Of course wild horses do not take a day off, so our road patrol and our caretakers had Christmas dinner on the job! Lancelot’s band was in the road again at Granite Reef for a third day in a row.

This is Lancelot’s daughter Mori, who is his spitting image, except for the indent in her face.
Do you know her rescue story? After someone called our hotline, we searched and searched, and found Mori with her skull bashed in, on top of a hill at Granite Reef. She had been hit by a car most likely. (Although we did not see it). She was blind in both eyes and saving her seemed impossible. It was a merciful ending that the veterinarian recommended instead.

But we tried our heart out instead; it was a long road, a lot of constant medical treatment and over $9000 dollars. BUT, she regained full eyesight, and is 100% healthy as a horse today! She lives happily ever after at our property, purchased for just this purpose; to be able to save the unsaveable.

After we save their lives, we cannot release our rescues back to the wild. Once they have been trained for medical care, they are too tame to adjust back to the wild without putting themselves in danger, therefore we receive their ownership paperwork from AZDA.

One day we would love to have a treat and release program for injuries that don’t require a stay in the hospital, IF the injury is treatable without taming them.

Mori, she loves her life and she loves her best friend Gem and the rest of her family band that is made up of our other wild rescues. They all were very close to death and each has their own amazing survival story. When you look this angel deep in the eyes, does she tell you that it was worth it? She tells us, every day.

We sometimes imagine her suffering and the time it would have taken her to slowly die, and then we just thank god and all of our supporters, for the power to make a difference in their lives, both in the wild and after the wild.

We can continue to do what we do, only with your support and we are so grateful for it. Even after her rescue, Mori needs 4000 dollars worth of feed per year, hoof care, dental care, pineshavings for comfort, toys for playing, and of course she needs cleaning up after!

For your year end donation, will you think of Mori and the other rescues? Our donations are down from last year and we do not want to have to adopt our rescues out, because they would loose their family.

You can sponsor Mori by clicking here.

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Thank you sincerely, SRWHMG.