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Rescue Miniseries: Gem

Rescue Miniseries: Gem

May 26th

We are creating a little miniseries about each rescued Salt River wild horse. This is the first installment about Gem, let us know what you think!

They all have their story of why they needed rescue. They would have died a slow suffering death in the wild, but are now living happily ever after, with other rescued Salt River wild horses and have formed their own band and hierarchy within it.

They love running from one arena to the next and Videographer Paul Garvey filmed this with a drone. We want to thank him for creating this nice short video: it is difficult to boil it all down to just 3 minutes!

All of our rescued Salt River wild horses have made amazing recoveries. Gem has no permanent damage to her formerly broken bones, and can run like the wind with the rest of them!

We want to thank the AZDA who gives us the needed authorization when a horse needs to be rescued. And as always, we could not do it without our amazing dedicated volunteers and our amazing undying supporters and sponsors.

We are grateful for every life we have been able to save. We continue to need your support every day.

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