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Rescue Spotlight: Felicity is the cutest!

Rescue Spotlight: Felicity is the cutest!

Our hotline rang at 11 pm; two wild horses had fallen into the South Canal and were struggling and floating toward the deadly transfer dam. It made the national news at the time, this was 2018.

With a huge effort from our volunteers plus 18 firefighters, Felicity and Iggy were hauled out in the nick of time. Remembering their struggle, makes us extra grateful to look at her happy face through the sprinklers. Seeing them happy makes us happy.

With good care, she fully recovered from her wounds and pneumonia after her traumatic rescue and she since had a healthy foal whom she was already pregnant with. We named him Fynn and he is most likely Lancelot’s son.

We wanted to address this question which we get a lot: ” Why can you not release the rescues after rehabilitation?”
The answer is that first we are not authorized to do so, but second it would be very confusing and dangerous for them as well.

Because they need to be tamed and trained for medical care and regular daily handeling, they now love people. They are very accustomed to being pampered and being fed 3 times per day.

This makes them no different than any other domestic horse and they would get themselves into a lot of trouble if we would abandon them on the Forest. That would also be illegal pursuent to the Salt River Horse Act.

So because they will never be wild and free again, we do our very best to give them a close second best: At our facility, horses don’t have to please or do anything for people, it is all about people being there just to give the horses their happily ever after.

They get to live in a family dynamic just like they would have in the wild. They get to be out all day, together, in a large arena with shade and play pools and sprinklers. They come into their comfortable large 20×30 stalls during feed times and night only.

They are a very special band of horses of all different ages. We also just integrated last years orphans Peanut and Rosy in with the family, who fit in very well.

The SRWHMG facility is a magical place, where happily ever after occurs every day. It is located directly at the end of the rainbow. ; )

During these difficult times, we need to keep our facility running and our rescues fed. We have had a lot of cancelations of sponsorships/donations and we need your help, if everyone on our Facebook page chipped in with just a few dollars we would be more than ok. Here are several ways in which you can support SRWHMG.

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With great gratitude to our amazing SRWHMG volunteers and our loyal supporters.Thank you so much.💕 SRWHMG

P.s. Felicity is wearing a fly mask from our wishlist, which keeps the flies off their face and eyes, they can see perfectly good out of it.