December 12th- 5 years ago….

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December 12th- 5 years ago….

December 12th- 5 years ago….

December 12th

Incredibly, it was exactly 5 years ago, that the news was airing our victory for the Salt River wild horses, – the roundup was canceled permanently,- we will never forget that day!

We love and thank all of our hardworking SRWHMG volunteers, we love and thank the public, who really gave them their voice, and we love and thank our Governor Doug Ducey who is still an integral part of the humane management of the Salt River wild horses today.

This year, only 15 Salt River foals were born, compared to 100 foals just the year before, and next year it will be even fewer. This will accomplish a stabilized and reduced population over time, so that ALL of the horses born in the wild, get to stay in the wild, -for all the world to enjoy.

It was all about finding a reasonable balance.

Thank you to the Forest Service and to the AZDA for the true partnership and thank you to every one of our supporters, without whom none if it would have been possible. Long live the Salt River wild horses. Long live doing the right thing. With love and gratitude, Simone and 100 SRWHMG volunteers.