S.O.S 📢ALARM!! ⚠️Rail Lazy Sends more Alpine horses to auction!

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S.O.S 📢ALARM!! ⚠️Rail Lazy Sends more Alpine horses to auction!

S.O.S 📢ALARM!! ⚠️Rail Lazy Sends more Alpine horses to auction!

S.O.S 📢ALARM💄 Rail Lazy H (Jackie Hughes), contractor for the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, has once again sent Alpine wild horses to the Bowie kill auction in Texas, where hundreds of horses each month end up on trucks to the Mexican slaughter houses, unless someone saves them.

Without any notice at all, horse advocates have to pull out all the stops again before this Sunday, in order to prevent that horrid fate for these well- known lead stallions and mares.

Desperate to be with them, the stunning lead stallion Coronado stands close to the fence, defending his last mares, from the other two tough lead stallions unloaded in the pen with him. From Thalia’s pictures (ASIAB), we recognize they are Phoenix and Blizzard, two lead stallions who’s bands were caught and auctioned already, last year.

With our supporters’ donations, we purchased quarantined and transported their mares already, and they are now living happily at the Wild Horse Refuge in Colorado. However, Jackie didn’t like that. She claims it’s a waste to turn them out, and she has been working hard to sabotage any efforts to give these horses a happy life back. She refuses any horse advocates from her Rail Lazy H online auctions, for no reasons at all, we will post that evidence in screenshots later.

Now we have to raise enough money to buy them, quarantine them, doctor them, geld them and transport them. All that is expensive and then they also need to be fed and taken care of for the rest of their lives! It seems almost impossible.

All the while Jackie, -the one making millions off her contract of zeroing out this historic herd-, is still pretending to care about these horses at her mercy, and justifies her cruel actions, by making up a multitude of terrible lies up about horse advocates. She can be seen on social media declaring herself to be the victim, and rescuers to be the real evil-doers making money off these horses. That totally makes sense, right? No.

We fought very hard to keep this herd in the forest so that they wouldn’t end up here and we bent over backwards trying to work with the outrageously unreasonable. We offered solutions, for free. In addition, with 2 million dollars we could have set up one heck of an adoption program. The Apache Sitgreaves Forest Service made the unconscionable choice instead and they are letting Jackie do whatever she wants.

On the Rail Lazy H website full of wonderful stories, (false advertising), Jackie claims she “transitions” them into domestic life.

Well here they are, at Bowie, these gorgeous horses originating from Fransisco Vasquez de Coronado, a treasure to Arizona. Instead of the pretty stories on the website, they are likely to be “transitioned” to someone’s dinner plate abroad within the week. But according to Jackie, of course that’s all the fault of horse advocates, of course it is..

So now to the end of this nightmare tale, you can help with that!

These Alpines need two things,

1. FUNDS to save them now, and

2. CALLS to the Forest Service demanding an end to the madness

We will work with the people on site there again. All Seated in a barn (ASIAB) has already found a lady named Sofe, one of their contacts, who offered a permanent home for Coronado and 3 mares on her 328 acres, IF the money can be raised. Jessica of Red Orchard Animal Rescue (ROAR) is also already jumping in to help, and Neda of Return to Freedom is brainstorming with us too. There is always a way.

Because their mares are already are at the Wild Horse Refuge, we asked Pat if he would take Phoenix and Blizzard. He said they are really full, BUT will make an exception for these two beautiful boys!

Blizzard and Phoenix will also need bail, quarantine, gelding and transport to get out of this desperate situation and see their mares again.

So there’s is some real hope for them. The Alpine wild horses need many angels, who won’t have their story end this way. ASIAB or ROAR can’t and won’t save them, if their costs can’t be covered. Can we do it again?


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