Salt River Wild Rescues on a really hot day!

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Salt River Wild Rescues on a really hot day!

Salt River Wild Rescues on a really hot day!

Salt River Wild Rescues on a really hot day! ; ) These fun loving, silly and gentle souls were once dealt a very unlucky circumstance in the wild, and needed rescue. When they had zero chance left in the wild, with your support we were able to change their fate.

We’ve never had to say no to these wild horses in a life threatening situation, even back when we did not have anything. If a horse was suffering, we would all pitch in and scramble the money together for the vet and we would board them somewhere where our volunteers could take care of them.

Each time, it was a life or death circumstance. Their stories range from broken bones, broken skulls, near drownings in the canal, a hoof lost in a cattleguard, infections, plus orphan foals who would have died without their mothers. When you see needless suffering, you just don’t say no.

To be able to give them the best of the best, we have worked hard. We built our own rescue facility, just for the Salt River Wild Horses -not because there is plenty of money – but through hard volunteer work, one small step at a time. We’ve operated from there, without electricity or water for the past two years.

But finally, we are now able to celebrate water! We now have both, thanks to a really great company who gave us a really great deal! Thank you Turn It On electric!

Our next goal? An actual toilet (septic tank) for our volunteers!

The anniversary of Rosy’s rescue is today, and we will tell you more about that spectacular adventure, and how she is doing, later.

But first we just want to thank those of you, who have supported us all this time and those of you, who support us with the funds we need to feed these guys. Times are hard, but with your help we will get through it.

So look close at these perfectly captured expressions and enjoy their happiness. It’s what we do it all for.

To support our mission, ask us how you can start your own fundraiser on Facebook or go to

With thanks to the AZDA and FS and our supporters. SRWHMG.

Pictures by SRWHMG Ruth Pappano.