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Shadow Fax Update: End of February

Shadow Fax Update: End of February

February 24th

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Shadowfax was rescued due to his old age and rapid deterioration in the wild at the end of December 2021. It is now February and his teeth have been fixed as best as possible, he has settled in his routine, he has made new horse and human friends, and he loves his daily exercise routine.

His diet and weight gain are closely monitored, because refeeding an emaciated horse is tricky business. Shadowfax’s bottom teeth are so worn down that chewing rough material is out of the question. This is why he would have suffered a slow starving death.

With his senior feed, his supplements and his bermuda pellets, he has gained approximately 75 pounds so far, and has more to go. His love for life is truly great to see. For his full veterinary update please click our page and scroll down to his teeth surgery video.

It takes a lot of time, expertise, as well as resources to fix up and offer a great retirement to older stallions. We are grateful for all support, donations and sponsorships. We need YOU in order to keep up our important work. Facebook added a convenient donate button to this update if you’d like to sponsor Shadowfax and the other rescues.

We do it because they deserve humane treatment. The word “wild” does not mean “just let them suffer”.

We are grateful for the Intergovernmental Agreements with the Forest Service and our partnership with the AZDA, which is what makes all the difference for the Salt River wild horses.

Managing them humanely, SRWHMG.

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