Shadowfax found alive, but far from family

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Shadowfax found alive, but far from family

Shadowfax found alive, but far from family

While there may be more important news in our country right now, we do want to give you the news tonight that Shadowfax is alive. However, it appears that he has been chased away by a stronger younger stallion- away from his mare.

📸 Picture by SRWHMG Rick Blandford

It’s fairly safe to say that this little family is the most talked about and that old Shadowfax (in the middle) might be the most loved Salt River wild horse in the herd.

He is incredibly tough and has overcome the most severe of injuries more than once, and has been a most severe protector of his family.

But this morning we confirmed that he was not with his beloved mare, who recently gave birth to his offspring. We kind of jumped to the worst conclusion since we know he would not leave them willingly.

So in spite the extreme temperatures, our volunteers have been searching for him all day. He was found, alone, quite far away from where his family is.

We are documenting and will share some pictures tomorrow. He looks beat and tired and has lost weight, but does not appear to have any life threatening injuries. We will check him over again tomorrow and let you know more then. Please stay tuned, and please support our mission. Thank you. SRWHMG.

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  1. Jacqueline Hansen

    Says June 26, 2021 at 6:13 pm

    How old is Shadowfax? To me he is the icon that gives many strength during the pandemic. God bless this horse n what he represents to so many❤️

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