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We have watched you in your years of prime, we have watched you grow old, we have monitored you for years, you overcame colic as well as many other injuries. We are watching you now struggle with abscesses on your face and a poor body condition.

You don’t look anything like your powerful self at the moment, but our professional assessment is that your chances at a full recovery, are good, and our veterinarian concurs 100%.

This weekend SRWHMG was able to get a swab of the pus from his abscess; the results of the culture will likely be in by Friday or the following Monday.

Most of you are aware that we have humanely euthanized horses who needed a merciful ending. We make those decisions professionally and only as a very last means of mercy.

But Shadowfax is still with his family, and he still has energy. He is showing us improvements plus his strong will for survival. We have no plans to euthanize, contain, capture or remove this stallion from the river.

We have been and will continue to feed Shadowfax and his band every day in order to give him the best chance at recovery.

We have spent $35,000 on weed free certified alfalfa so far for the Salt River herd, and we are in need of the resources to immediately purchase two additional full semi-loads, total cost of which is $15.000!!!

If you’d like to do more than just talk about him, please help us help Shadowfax, it takes 12 bales at that feedstation every day, plus the rest of the feed stations for all of the Salt River Herd!

– Please donate to the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group towards their humane management. Even a dollar from each person who sees this will help!! Sharing helps a lot too, and last time we asked for your help, you really came through, but humbly and respectfully we need to ask one more time.

Much like you see Shadowfax here standing to protect his offspring, we will stand to protect him. King of the river. Get better.

Thank you.


Picture taken a couple months ago by SRWHMG photographer Rick Blandford.