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Sharing a meal!

Sharing a meal!

November 16th

Sharing a meal. The foal crop of 2018 are coming of age..they are getting ready to leave their birth bands soon and it is cute to see the budding friendships and romances. Not unlike human teenagers, they are starting to venture out and make connections. These two youngsters each sneaked off from their band’s to have a meal together.

Some years ago we lost an important old patriarch of the river, his name was Wisdom, he was a grey, but not a dominant grey. He had many different color offspring but only 2 grays. One of them was unfortunately hit on the road a few years ago.

The other one is this filly on the left, she is Wisdom’s last (but not only) offspring, hence her name Wisdom’s Legacy. The youngster on the right is Centurion, who is a Sarge offspring.

Sarge is another important grey patriarch, but with a completely different bloodline. So these two would be a good match. Wisdom’s legacy has received pzp so that she will not have a baby too early, but who knows, maybe one day!

The meal they are eating is certified weed free alfalfa provided by SRWHMG, delivered by SRWHMG volunteers, and paid for by our amazing supporters. This is how the Salt River wild horses are getting through a terrible drought with no forage in their habitat.

We are so very very grateful for your donations, and Centurion and Wisdom’s legacy are too.

Humane management of the Salt River wild horses is made possible through a working partnership between the Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA) and our organization.

Thank you again and always, for your support.