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So this happened yesterday.

So this happened yesterday.

December 17th

A truck driver fell asleep and veered off the road, crashed into the fencing and ended up on the forest at approximately mm 35 on Bush Hwy. MCSO and Forest Service had already left for the evening, but our road patrol volunteers noticed and were able to help with this wild situation! The driver and the horses were very lucky, no one was hurt.

This is a good example of why our continuous presence in the Tonto National Forest is so important. Had no one noticed this fencing desaster, a dangerous situation would have developed with several bands all over the road in the dark, including a very popular and beloved young horse; Moonshadow.

Thank you to our amazing road patrol team and fencing team who were fixing fences until late at night and did not quit until there was a safe situation for the horses.

Most people know that we manage the horses but don’t realize the extent of everything we do. Our programs are important and they don’t run themselves. They are not free nor easy to operate. It takes organization, administration, a 24/7 manning of our hotline and the tools and equipment needed are very expensive, and so is gas.

We do not receive any government grants and are not funded by anyone but you, our supporters. This makes us proud, because we can say these horses are managed for the public and by the public – but it is not easy making ends meet!

All of our programs combined ensure the safety and protection of the Salt River wild horses. If you are reading this, please could you consider a one-time, or monthly, or end of year donation, so that we can keep running our programs and keep them running free?

Even while only 0.1% of people who love the horses will help, we appreciate it so much. NO ONE in our organization gets paid, so your donation goes directly into these programs. We are an accredited 501 (c) 3, so your gift is tax deductible.

Thank you to our SRWHMG volunteers for going the extra mile! And thank you to our supporters who will actually do this, we cannot do it without you!

This post is a fundraiser for our road patrol program and our fencing program. We need $12.000 to sustain these programs. Thank you so much for your consideration and Happy Holidays, SRWHMG.