💕Special black foal born in the Salt River Herd💕

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💕Special black foal born in the Salt River Herd💕

💕Special black foal born in the Salt River Herd💕

September 8th

Look at how she celebrates being wild and free. Most adorable piece of cellphone footage!

Enjoy this video by SRWHMG Karen Carney.

We are going to need your help naming this beautiful and special new foal!

We have never had a completely black foal before and we have no true black horses. She also won’t stay this way forever because she will slowly but surely grey out.

Here is a little background on her pedigree: she was born two weeks ago, out of Brighteyes and Mick. Brighteyes is a dominant grey out of Shadowfax and Ms. Shadowfax, (also a dominant grey) and therefore only throws grey offspring, who are usually born dark brown. The filly’s father Mick, is a dark bay and his mother is Minnie out of the Iriquois line of bays. (The same Minnie is also Rosco’s mother) The double grey factor may have given this filly her black (initial) color kind of like the lippizaner breed. She also has great conformation.

Brighteyes is nibbling on mesquite leaves while her happy filly …….. (fill in name) is running around exercising her long legs.

The name should preferably be themed something related to bright or eyes, so that we can always remember where she came from without having to look it up. It can also be related to Mick (Disney) or the Iroquois line.

Here are a few names in the running, but suggestions are welcome:
Starry Eyes, Starbright, Moonshadow, Brightness, Bright Nova, Beauty or a name relating to iriquois side, Nizhone

Enjoy this video and if you see them, please take lots of pics but give them a 50 ft respectful space, so that she doesn’t get too accustomed to humans at this early age. Growing up wild and free in a very busy recreational forest sure can be a challenge! May she be safe, healthy, wild and free.

Welcome to the herd little one.