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This little Peanut somehow got seperated from his band and was wondering around alone in the forest. Young foals do not survive past a couple of hours without their mothers milk. Thanks to the caller who alerted us, we were able to save him..

We waited in the forest with him for 5 hours, (while feeding him milk replacer) in case his mare and his band came back; our field team searched everywhere; but he needed a new family, plus day and night feedings and loving care. He turned out to have a bad and contagious bacterial infection and he is currently on antibiotics and close medical care by our excellent volunteers. His vet bills have added up to $3000 so far.

CAN YOU HELP? We were hoping to have our foal barn finished before it came time for another rescue! Can you help us make our brand new barn habitable for this little guy? We need to lay down lots and lots of matts!! (4×6 matts from tractor supply) to make it comfortable. He is an absolute doll and is doing very well adjusting to milk replacer and human moms.

Please sponsor Peanut. As his sponsor you will receive alerts and updates on him!

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