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Orphan foal rescue.

The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group announces the loss of the oldest wild mare on the Salt River and the rescue of her 8-week old foal Rosy.

The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group keeps track of every wild horse and their family bands, which means they notice when one of them is missing. When the old mare Rosa and her foal were missing from their family band, the volunteers went to search for them. When they found the little baby alone, they knew the mare must have died and the foal needed to be rescued quickly. But the baby was across the river, how would they get her to shore?

The Maricopa County Sherriffs Office (MCSO) came to the rescue! After finding and catching the starving foal, the SRWHMG volunteers put her in the MCSO fan boat and off she went to safety! It was all filmed by the SRWHMG volunteers.

The filly is now at the Salt River Wild Horse Management Groups facility receiving medical care. She will have a friend there in Peanut, a previously rescued foal just a few weeks ago.


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