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Spotlight: Wind

Spotlight: Wind

October 15th

🌟Spotlight on a very resilient stallion 🌟

🐴Wind is a chestnut stallion who broke his leg back in 2014. It was broken so badly that volunteers of SRWHMG thought at the time, he might not survive.

Then, Wind disappeared. The worst was feared, that he went off alone and died. Miraculously, he reappeared 8 months later! Not only was he healthy, but he was putting full weight on the leg! Although his injury did not look pretty, it functioned so well that he battled other stallions for his own band and led it for many years.

Recently, however, Wind has lost his band to some very tough new young stallions. Don’t count him out though! He is on the hunt to rebuild! 💪

When Wind is standing in the river and people see his crooked leg, they often think it is a newly broken leg. SRWHMG gets many phone calls about him and often goes out on an injured horse call, only to find that it’s Wind again. Fortunately he is still using the leg without any problems and without a limp. Wind is another amazing example of the perseverance and toughness of the Salt River herd.

🤝We are grateful for our relationship with AZDA to be able to make humane decisions together, and preserve horses like Wind, who prove how resilient wild horses really are.

❤️A special thank you to all of you for your love and support of the Salt River herd. Thank you for helping to monitor and calling in any unusual horse behavior. Thank you for the pictures and stories you share about these amazing horses. Thank you for supporting AZDA, USFS, and SRWHMG in humanely managing the herd.

Thank you Katherine Hayes for this beautiful photo of him.