Spring has sprung – and it’s a boy!

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Spring has sprung – and it’s a boy!

Spring has sprung – and it’s a boy!

March 22nd


Hi everyone! This is a post without a picture of the newest baby Salt River wild horse, but yes, Spring has sprung, and it’s a boy!

For the protection of the foal and mother we will not post any pictures of him until he is 2 weeks old and even then, we will not post his location and we will continue to ask everyone to please give them their space and not post locations. Yes we know what party poopers we are, but as you know, our number one mission is their protection.

Truthfully, sometimes the public can be just a bit too much and a new baby will be highly sought after, but the mothers and new foals need time for bonding without interference.

There are some fun facts about the babies’ band that we cannot wait to share, but please “bear” with us patiently until we know that he has survived the most dangerous time of his life, the first two weeks!!

Meanwhile on the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) Reservation, which adjoins the Salt River, we have noted 5 foals already, so if you see foals along the Salt River below Phon D, or along the Beeline Hwy and Verde River, that usually means they are reservation foals. They are not any less cute, but they are not Salt River wild horses. We only count foals that are born of our Salt River wild horse herd and that is currently only one.

Every Salt River horse that has historically lived on Forest Service land along the lower Salt River is logged in our app with all of it’s ancestry.

May the little one grow up healthy wild and free! Respectfully,