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SRP – Calling for change.

SRP – Calling for change.

October 30th

Calling for change.

Sorry for the grossness, we promised we would be back to show you what happens when the Salt River goes below 100CFS. (Cubic Feet per Second).

Dead fish and rotting eelgrass everywhere. Not exactly the beautiful recreational haven it should be. It is just highly unnecessary. We are still calling for a minimum of 100 CFS in the lower Salt River.

Supporters, here is the phone number: (602) 236-4398 (but do keep it polite because the secretary is really nice and after all it is not her fault.) She does give all of your comments to the board members of SRP.

You can also write, to urge for an environmental minimum of 100 CFS.

Thank you for watching this gross video for us and for calling for change. Thank you!


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