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Take Caution in Heber Area

Take Caution in Heber Area

We are aware of the terrible situation in the Heber Area, where four horses within the same band have died, allegedly from being shot, and/or being hit on the 260.

Some members of our field team are actively documenting the Heber herd for future purposes and the deceased band had been photographed by several of our photographers in the days before their demise. Each band member was documented as appearing to be in a healthy state.

This case is obviously very disturbing and IF in fact there is a deranged lunatic shooter out there, there should be a manhunt for the person(s) involved.

We have spoken to the Chief of Navajo County Sheriffs office as well as the Forest Service and both government entities are working hard on this case even while the government was shut down.

We will offer our assistance by working with the authorities in Heber and we ask that the public refrain from contacting the authorities out of anger and frustration regarding this matter, as it clogs the phone lines for actual tips that may come in and will not do anything to solve this case.

In this picture, the love and kindness these animals possess is visible to anyone with a heart.
These horses harm no one.
This band was fairly tame and killing them would have been way too easy; only a very cowardly person would have committed such a cruel and senseless act, THAT person is the only one to blame.

If you know or have reason to suspect anyone, we hope you will provide that information directly to the Navajo County Sherrifs office and Forest Service. We are adding $3000 dollars to the already existing $2500 reward, in order to add incentive to anyone with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. 928-532-2700 (Forest Service)

We hope that people will thank the investigating agencies for working on this, instead of complaining and hindering them.

Thank you, SRWHMG