Thank you AZDA for sharing Brighteyes story!

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Thank you AZDA for sharing Brighteyes story!

Thank you AZDA for sharing Brighteyes story!

December 14th

*Warning graphic picture, but rest assured the horse in the picture is fully healed and doing great*

Thank you AZDA for sharing Brighteyes story!

Every horse on the river has it’s story and some are about amazing survival skills like this. We see them born, we see them grow up, we see them thrive, we see them go through hard times, and we see them survive.

Perhaps it is this, that makes us give just about anything for them, and also what makes it all worth it in the end. We are under contract with the AZDA for the humane management of this herd, which is going extremely well.

Please thank AZDA on their page for the great partnership with SRWHMG, because without that, these wild horses might literally be “nowhere”.

AZDA Salt River Horse Herd:

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⚠️Caution: Graphic picture ⚠️

Brighteyes was born in August 2012 on the lower Salt River. Sired by Shadowfax and out of Ms.Shadowfax, Brighteyes was born into a strong band that taught her survival.

When she was a yearling, Brighteyes incurred a severe injury to her face, most likely sustained from an un-intentional kick to the face. The injury was open to the bone, infected, and she was lagging behind her band. The SRWHMG monitored the injury and rescue was considered, but then she seemed to turn a corner. She struggled through the hard times and the flap slowly grew right back onto her face.

Today all she has as evidence of those hard days is the small scar on her face. She is the mother of Moonshadow as well as 5 other offspring, all of whom are grey.

Brighteyes is the epitome of Salt River horse toughness and grace 💙💙

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📷: SRWHMG and Paul Martin