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The better option.

The better option.

July 23rd @ 11PM

More humane, more cost effective & more sustainable.

As you know we keep an eye on wild horse politics and we work with our coalition partner the American Wild Horse Campaign on national issues. We are happy today, because for the first time in Washington DC, the house voted to use part of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) budget for humane birth control PZP, instead of cruel and endless roundups!

We know PZP works, because 95% of Salt River mares are not pregnant this year, and everyone can come see that for themselves. They are happy and healthy and most importantly, still free!

Both of these pictures were taken this week; The top picture in Arizona under SRWHMG/AZDA management and the bottom picture in Utah, at a roundup, under BLM management. (Wild mare broke her neck on paneling.)

Which one is better?? Please give us your opinion below, so that we can send that to legislators.

The amendment now goes to the Senate next, so please share! SRWHMG.