The danger of downed barbed wire fences

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The danger of downed barbed wire fences

The danger of downed barbed wire fences

July 26th @ 3PM

Old downed barbed wire fences are a real death trap for wild horses and people alike.

This 60 yr old fence used to go all along the river on both sides. We have the blessing from the Forest Service to clean it up, but it’s no small task, and it has taken SRWHMG years to cleanup most of it; but we continue to find more across the river.

Cleaning up their habitat is an important part of protecting wild horses, but ofcourse this also makes it safer for all wildlife, plus much better for recreation too. We are not sure if anyone knows how much SRWHMG as a group, has improved and cleaned up the Tonto National Forest, so that it is safer for everyone.

It’s done silently, quietly, in the early mornings, with no reward, except for knowing that we make a difference.

So we just wanted to take a minute, to give a quick but thundering ovation for our unsung hero volunteers, who get up early, not to go photograph and enjoy the wild horses, but to cut and clean up barbed wire, so that everyone else can come and enjoy healthy and safe wild horses in the Tonto National Forest.

Check out the video here.