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The Price of Kindness and Mercy

The Price of Kindness and Mercy

Dear supporters. It’s been a heck of a week. We want to thank all of you who called our hotline on several of these cases.
We have had bad cases happen at the same time and we are still finishing up the incident reports. The foal in this video
rests in peace now. Her name was Emerald and she was the offspring of Shadowfax and Sapphire. Her elbow joint was broken and infected. She was in a lot of pain. With authorization of the AZDA we caught her gently with some foal-safe paneling. She was gentled so that most of her fear was gone and we then gave her some calming sedation, (dermosidan) , which put her in a sleepy state. The vet came, assessed her and confirmed that her elbow joint was broken plus infected. (Had it been better news, we would have tried to save her)
He then euthanized her through chemical injection peacefully in the field.
The amount of suffering and agony we were able to prevent is huge.

We assess each injury we come across. The decision to rescue or euthanize, that decision is all based on timing. You have to give them enough time to try to make it on their own, but also be in time before they dissapear and die a slow death. Even though the total price of her sedation/euthanasia/removal was almost $1000 dollars, you cannot put a price on kindness and mercy.

Emeralds sire, Shadowfax is also being monitored for a bacterial infection on some wounds on his face. He is an old stallion and rescuing would cause him a lot of stress. We are also not at the point of euthanasia as recovery is still an option. We will continue to monitor him.

Thank you for your support.