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This Arizona Gives day we plead with you

This Arizona Gives day we plead with you

April 6th


This Arizona Gives day we plead with you, please join us in our important mission of preserving the Salt River wild horses, by becoming a monthly sponsor, of ANY amount, or by donating to this fundraiser (an easy click below)

Our supporters are amazing and generous, but it has been incredibly difficult to keep up the huge feed program month after month. However, the record breaking drought has not let up. So as a small organization we find an urgent need for reliable monthly sponsors.

Some people may not understand the importance, but without our feed program, the weakest 10% of the Salt River wild horses would perish during this long lasting drought. In addition, horses might have to be removed, because they would not be able to sustain themselves in their limited habitat. It is the reason why we work so hard; to continue to ensure their freedom.

No matter the difficulty, cost and manpower, we will not give up, but we do hope you hear our urgent plea and that you will share it. We are in need of the next two semi-loads ($7000 a piece), so we can feed ALL of the horses.

Our programs do not get funded by anyone but you, the public. It means that our success in protecting and managing these treasured wild horses depend entirely on all of us who love them. By donating monthly, you will become their guardian and you will receive special updates and pictures!

Here’s how:

👉Donate directly through our website

You can also: 👉 Visit the Arizona Gives website at:

You can also: 👉Donate through paypal to:

Or 👉Send a check to:

SRWHMG, 4610 n. 68th str. #477,

Scottsdale AZ 86251

Thank you! SRWHMG.#AZGives #SRWHMG