This is the year 2022 and there are better ways.

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This is the year 2022 and there are better ways.

This is the year 2022 and there are better ways.

July 18th


We care about all wild horses, they are all Shadowfaxes and Moonshadows and Soldiers and Bubbles. They all love their families and their freedom so fiercely and are treated so cruelly. It is why we’ve fought so hard to make a difference!

Our government by doing this the wrong way for a very long time, is losing our public trust and our respect, which causes even more unrest than we already have in our world today. It is detrimental because this, this is NOT who we are as Americans. This is the year 2022 and there are better ways.

So just be sure you vote for legislators who will stand behind humane management of our American icons. It does not matter if you are Republican or Democrat because this is not a partisan issue. There are legislators on both sides that are paying attention and doing the right thing. Write to YOUR legislator and ask if they support humane management for wild horses or cruel roundups. We will keep you informed because we are asking all of the ones up for election and re election.

VOTE for humane management. (No arguments please about which government has been worse, because it’s been terrible for 50 years)

There are better ways…SRWHMG.



Post by the American Wild Horse Campaign
July 15, 7:52 PM EST

Approximately 150 wild horses from the Piceance Basin HMA outside of Meeker, Colorado lost their freedom today.

Despite calls from Governor Jared Polis and Congressman Joe Neguse to delay the roundup and work with stakeholders to implement more humane solutions — the BLM proceeded.

It awarded a $500,000+ taxpayer funded contract to Cattoor Livestock, and will send more than 800 of these beautiful icons to a holding facility in Axtell, Utah where the BLM has been found to be noncompliant with biosecurity measures, handling and facility design. Their fate is unknown and we can only hope that we won’t have another Cañon City repeat.

One of the Basin’s most popular stallions, known as JR, tried several times to evade the low flying helicopters and get his family to safety. We watched as his youngest, a 3 week old foal known as Elote, was stampeded in temperatures that reached 98 degrees. JR’s entire family were caught in the trap. He is now alone on public lands.

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Photos by WilsonAxpe Photography