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To Jackie Hughes

To Jackie Hughes

Dear Jackie Hughes,

Thank you for your fast defense of the fact that you’ve hidden this sale so thoroughly, that no horse advocate can save these 28 Alpine wild horses in time.

Don’t call us stupid for missing a 2 day notice on the Forest Service website, because it will not suffice.

What you and the Apache Sitgreaves Forest service have done, is not only unconscionable, but also 100% against federal regulations and this is why we are getting a TRO today to save these horses, who are dearly beloved by Arizonans.

Unless you can prove otherwise, this is the federal regulation that was omitted for this sale and others before this as well. Also, one huge general notice won’t do, as no one can check every day between the times of June 11th to Dec. 31st, for a posted sale.
36 CFR 262.10 (d)

Following the impoundment of livestock, a notice of sale of impounded livestock will be published in a local newspaper and posted at the county courthouse and in one or more local post offices. The notice will describe the livestock and specify the date, time, and place of the sale. The date shall be at least five days after the publication and posting of such notice.

This regulation is there so that unscrupulous people like you cannot purposely hide impounded livestock. Please prove that these requirements were met. Otherwise, we are on our way to the courthouse.

Thank you.