Truly never a dull moment at SRWHMG!

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Truly never a dull moment at SRWHMG!

Truly never a dull moment at SRWHMG!

September 11th

This afternoon a beautiful bald-faced, blue-eyed, reservation wild stallion was stuck in the SRP canal!! We want to thank the caller to our hotline so much for noticing! While not in our jurisdiction, and not a Salt River wild horse, we still went to see if we could be of any help to the Salt River reservation police.

The Salt River officers did a great job lassoing and pulling the exhausted beautiful stallion out of the canal. But he had unfortunately floated to the wrong side of the highway and was now in a dangerous spot.

With the reservation police, our emergency response team, and the help of AZDA officer Makenzie, we checked his injuries and, started patiently loading him into our trailer to bring him to a safer spot on the SRPMIC reservation.

His injuries were several cuts and his knees and stifles were stiff, but nothing life-threatening. He was successfully released in a beautiful spot with lots of shade trees where he will have plenty of time to recuperate.

The Tonto National Forest has a boundary with the SRPMIC reservation. SRPMIC has their own laws that protect their wild horses and they treat them humanely.

Thank you to our SRWHMG emergency responders! SRWHMG.