Update on our Alpine 23 from auction

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Update on our Alpine 23 from auction

Update on our Alpine 23 from auction

March 3rd

Baldy and Ridge and Hero’s bands. (Hero was strangely missing from the auction). This is cute video of Ridge’s band, watch till he looks up!
They have been staying their quarentine and gelding period at a leased facility in Heber where they have a nice large arena. Our volunteers have taken turns driving and staying there, for their feed and care. The horses have settled in nicely and are far from the fearful horses they were when they arrived.

Ridge has taken on Hero’s band and Baldy has taken the Sunset mare and foal, plus the 4 bachelors hang with him. As of now, they are 11 in Ridge’s band and 12 in Baldy’s; we could not have planned it better ourselves, but they did it all on their own. The orphan filly, -her mom and dad were brutally shot in the forest in October 2022 when she was just 3 months old- is doing excellent and is almost 7 months old now. All of the horses are very sweet and caring to her.

The stallions have been darted and gelded by a great veteranarian from Safford, and have recovered nicely. Their coggins are negative and all are healthy and ready for their great happy ending at the Wild Horse Refuge in Colorado!

The snow in Heber has been holding their transport up for a bit, but this weekend looks all clear!! Thank you everyone for your support for the Alpine wild horses, who are innocent victims of discrimination and shortsighted decisions by the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. #shameonASNF. Please continue to call AZ State Senators and ask them to support S.B 1057!! (Will post information seperately)