Update on our little Alpine family

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Update on our little Alpine family

Update on our little Alpine family

August 14th

They call out every once in a while still and look out to the horizon. We wouldn’t think anything of it, except we know who they are calling for; their lead mare and mama of the colt, who died at the auction.

But for the rest, they are acclimating really well and have lost most of their fear of volunteers and workers already. The lead stallion is just a doll to the little colt, so we have no worries about that. It’s also lucky that the colt is old enough to make it without mothers milk, plus he has a great appetite, so he will be ok. Both mares are going to get pzp so that the family can stay together, so fingers crossed that they are not pregnant already!

We are working on our fencing, and by next week they will get to go out and graze in some green grass. It won’t be as beautiful as the Apache Forest, but it will be 6 acres of room to roam, which is the best we can do. We want to thank Simone for lending that space to them for free.

We have not raised any funds for these guys yet, because we did not want to make anyone think that we wouldn’t save them without the funds. We trust that once we add up the costs, that a fundraiser for them will get us back out of the red again.

Thank you everyone!! 💓