What is your opinion on this?? How should the ASNF be treating wild horses?

January 28th How should the ASNF be treating wild horses? Do you believe the claims that these horses are the… more

Big Shout out to the Epoch Times!

December 5th Big Shout out to the Epoch Times for paying attention to the unjustified removals of Alpine wild horses… more

Thank you ABC15, for paying attention to what is happening in our American Wild West.

August 24th   Can everyone see through this Apache Sitgreaves Forest Service and how they try to fool the public?… more

Neiman: The luckiest or the unluckiest wild horse on the river!

March 16th Poor Neiman is either the luckiest or the unluckiest wild horse on the river! He came out of… more

BREAKING NEWS: Alpine wild horses to be removed and sold at public auction.

March 16th If it seems like a Deja Vu to anyone, it does to us too. To help make a… more

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Arizona wild horses to be captured and sold at public auction

March 14th For immediate release: Arizona wild horses to be captured and sold at public auction, SRWHMG to meet with… more

We’re doing as much fire prevention as possible

June 1st We are trying to do as much fire prevention as possible to keep our volunteers safe to keep… more

Every year the Salt River proves that it can be deadly.

May 31st This weekend, a man drowned in the Salt River at Sheep's Crossing and he has not been identified… more

Thank You: Protected from fire danger with fire retardant!

May 28th Thank You to our supporters for helping to protect us from fire danger with this fire retardant! Watch… more

December 12th- 5 years ago….

December 12th Incredibly, it was exactly 5 years ago, that the news was airing our victory for the Salt River… more

Mesa Legend: SRWHMG Article

October 8th   Covid19 has caused a drop in donations while extreme drought has caused a greater need for feed.… more

Advocates call for more enforcement after video shows man kayaking at Salt River horses

TONTO NATIONAL FOREST, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Advocates are calling for more enforcement and clarification under the Arizona statute protecting… more


PHOENIX, Ariz. - The Arizona Department of Agriculture has identified four Salt River horses in the Bulldog and Goldfield areas… more

Cut Fences Cause Band of Horses on Hwy.

Constant public interference jeopardizes Mick's band. The USFS, AZDA and SRWHMG need your help. There has been a lot of… more

Rescued by the MCSO Lake Patrol Mounted Unit!

The MCSO Lake Patrol Mounted Unit rescued Judy today, who is a friend of the group. Judy is 80 years… more

900 bike riders rally for the horses!

Protecting the protected Salt River wild horses. Wow, NINE HUNDRED riders (sign-ins) were in the Tonto National Forest to rally… more

We want to be “HERD”.

NOTICE: Want to help? View our action plans here! Some of the news pieces are confusing and make it seem… more

ACTION REQUIRED: Forest Service is fencing the lower Salt River!!


Supporting the American Wild Horse Campaign!

We were very glad to support this effort by our national coalition partner the American Wild Horse Campaign. We want… more

Thank you ABC15!

This is our response to a recently published biased article calling the Salt River wild horses diseased and starving! That… more

Update on a weedy situation

A domestic horse who lost it's rider was stuck in the giant reeds along the Salt River, at Phon D… more

Paddling with the ponies!

It's a great grand feast of River eelgrass! It must be filled with lots of vitamins as this is the… more

PZP Immuno Contraception Conference

Last week wild horse herd managers and scientist came together in Billings Montana for a 3 day birth control conference,… more

Happy Anniversary! (2/2)

"Always fight for what you believe in and give it your all, because you might just change the course of… more

Happy Anniversary! (1/2)

We are kicking up our heals today because 1. It is raining! And 2. It is a very important anniversary… more

Come to the Final Race of the Night Mare series by Run Your Race AZ!

The third and final race of the Night Mare series by Run Your Race AZ supporting the Salt River Wild… more

Rosy Update

Her hernia surgery was successful and she is recovering! She is not comfortable yet, but our volunteers are keeping her… more


Friday June 28th, is race #2 in the Night Mare Series. Everyone that came out for the first race had… more

Born Free!

Watch this spectacular, up close video, of a foal being born wild and free! This is why it is so… more

Mountain Fire burning on Tonto National Forest grounds

Fire is so scary. The Forest is so dry. Please be ever so careful. "A human-caused wildfire that was sparked… more

Baby Salt River horse saved after death of her mother

SALT RIVER, AZ (3TV/CBS5) — A baby horse whose mother died on the Salt River has been rescued and is… more

Shootings of wild horses and Wild Horse Management Group.

Modern day wild west horror story in a National Forest in Arizona. The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group is… more

The Feds Capturing Wild Horses, Fiscally Irresponsible

GREAT article. Progress is all about education. So please share this, for more humane and responsible wild horse management everywhere.… more

Birth Control for Horses

This program is so important because it makes the authorities happy, it makes the public happy and most of all,… more

Managing SRWH Herd Numbers

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Our Salt River wild horses are now protected. But part of protecting them, also means managing herd… more

Birth control darts used on Salt River horses

Please thank 12news for this newspiece! **The protected Salt River wild horses reside in the Tonto National Forest on FS… more

Salt River Wild Horse Named Ducey

Thank you KTAR! Cute article.

Our Feed Program is Still Ongoing


Two Arrested in Connection With Shooting at Salt River.

It's just impossible to make sense of why anyone would do this. We've looked at the suspects and we don't… more

Our SRWHMG Property Got Shot At!

This is not what we want to be in the news for! We are still in disbelief. Our SRWHMG property… more

Volunteers care for smallest Salt River horse ever rescued

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Volunteers with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group are nursing a newborn horse back… more

Phone tip led rescuers to premature Salt River wild horse

Call it July "Foal-th". The smallest Salt River Horse ever is on the mend this Fourth of July holiday, and a… more

SRWHMG Protecting Horses During Drought

The condition of the Salt River wild horses was only getting worse by the day - that's when the Salt… more

Press Conference and PZP demonstration on SRWHMG property

The SRWHMG with its 100 volunteers will implement a management program with the following components: - a birth control program… more

BREAKING NEWS: Salt River Wild Horse Management Group secures State Contract for the management of  the Salt River Wild Horses

Tonto National Forest, Mesa, Ariz. (May 28th, 2018) — The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) announces today that it… more

Salt River Wild Horse and her Baby Saved from Canal Near Mesa

Its been an absolutely wild and crazy night rescuing 2 drowning Salt River wild horses from the canal! Even while… more

Deaths of Salt River horses along Bush Highway lead to new safety measures

Five fatalities of horses being hit by cars since April along Bush Highway, three of them within the past week, have prompted… more

SRWHMG Rescues Abandoned Paint Horse

An aging, domesticated brown and white Paint horse was found abandoned by a volunteer for the Salt River Wild Horse… more

Advocates of wild horses deliver 300,000 signature petition to Sen. Flake

3TV | CBS 5 PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Advocates of Arizona’s wild horses delivered on Wednesday a 300,000-signature petition to… more

BREAKING NEWS:  President’s Budget proposes to murder wild horses.

The budget, if approved, will allow for the murder and slaughter of Americas wild horses and burros on a national… more

SRWHMG Volunteers Keep Eye on Horses During Fire

Salt River Wild Horses Survive Cactus Fire Fox10 MESA, Ariz. (KSAZ) - It was a busy day for fire crews… more

First Colt of 2017 Named “Ducey”

First wild horse baby of 2017 is named after Governor Doug Ducey The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) … more

Wild horses help veteran with PTSD

CBS 5 - KPHO Jared Dillingham met a veteran whose PTSD is being helped by the wild horses along the… more

Arizona House Congressional leaders call for humane fertility control of Salt River wild horses

Phoenix, AZ (November 23, 2016)... In a sign on letter sent to U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack this week, Republican and Democrat… more

ABC Arizona: Fighting to Save Wild Horses

Killing off the wild horses of the American West, animal lovers are furious over a proposal to do just that.… more

Wild Horse Advocates Call For Humane Wild Horse and Burro Management at Regional AZ BLM Meeting

Breaking: Please help share and make... - Salt River Wild Horse Management GroupBreaking: Please help share and make your voice… more

Victory for Salt River Wild Horses: Bill to Protect the Herd Passes the AZ Senate!

Phoenix, Arizona (April 11, 2016) . . . . Wild horse advocates are declaring victory for the Salt River wild… more

Forest Service to Withdraw Notice to Impound Salt River Horses

A WILD AND FREE HOLIDAY FOR THE SALT RIVER WILD HORSES Salt River, AZ (December 10, 2015). . . .… more

Annihalation of the Salt River wild horses temporarily halted but removal still impending

The Salt River wild horses are in danger of removal by the US Forest Service.  The Salt River Wild Horse… more

Annihilation of the Salt River wild horses temporarily halted, but removal still pending

(Archives) Historic Herd In Danger of Removal by The US Forest Service On July 31, 2015, the U.S. Forest Service… more