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Use Caution on Bush Highway

Use Caution on Bush Highway

ALERT!! This gorgeous lead stallion was hit on the road this morning, and had to be euthanized. This is horse #2 just this year, 2019!!
IF you are driving Bush Highway, please SLOW DOWN. The horse crossing signs are at ACTUAL horse crossings.

Underpasses and a completely fenced off road are the only permanent solution, but in the mean time, we need flashing lights, streetlights, and more speed feedback signs, but most of all, people just please just slow down for your own sakes!!! 

Tonight there will be a Christmas tree burning party at Sycamore Creek. 

Thousands of people are expected to drive Bush highway tonight and may drive back intoxicated. We will station SRWHMG Volunteers with caution signs, at the busiest horse crossings tonight. There will also be strict and extra speed enforcement by MCSO. 

Please watch out for horses AND for our people!! Dont drive drunk, heed your speed!! Spread this message. Thank you.