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💕The love of wild horses💕Valentine’s day 2022💕

💕The love of wild horses💕Valentine’s day 2022💕

February 14th


Political enemies of wild horses often wonder why Americans care so much about them. They sometimes call horse advocates “emotional” when it comes to the issue of keeping them wild and free.

These emotions are just love and on this Valentine’s Day we will attempt to explain why we love wild horses so much, and why we find ourselves not alone.

No one denies that they are an icon of the American West, right, and that their ancestors played an important part in our American history. That is significant, but still only a small part of why they are so close to American’s hearts.

When you watch wild horses, even for a little while, – nomatter who you are, it is very easy to detect and feel their spirit. The love between the horses and their deep nurturing family bonds, – people feel it, even from far away, and even through pictures.

Picture by Destini Rhone, Managing Director of Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

(i.e.When we post one picture of a grieving mare on our public page, thousands of people shed tears for her from behind their computer screens. )

Wild horses harm no one, they have no false intentions and even in their battles, they settle as quickly as possible. They are self-sufficient, courageous to a fault, and they love deeply.

Their hearts are true. What they care about most, is basically the same as what we care about most; family and freedom. So in them, we find ourselves.

In seeing them still wild and free, in spite of all the obstacles they’ve faced, we find peace. A peace that perhaps we are all looking for. Just the sight of them heals wounded hearts.

Picture by Deb Mykitiak, Administrative Director of Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

Taking away that freedom and seperating them from their families, it is like killing our American spirit. Treating them unfairly is like treating all of us unfairly.

So you see , it is about more than just wild horses,.. it is about who we are as Americans and what we stand for.

We want to be a kinder nation. Now that there is a proven humane way to control and reduce a population of wild horses, roundups should become a thing of the past.

When we find a way to treat all wild horses and burros humanely, it will say something about all of us.

Spread the message of love for wild horses, happy Valentine’s Day!

Written by Simone Netherlands, President of Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.