Venus’ and Orion’s filly has been named!

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Venus’ and Orion’s filly has been named!

Venus’ and Orion’s filly has been named!

April 11th, 1:36PM

Time to vote on a name for Venus’ and Orion’s filly! Because so many suggested names are already taken, it gets pretty tricky.

We like to keep the names with the theme of the motherline and the fatherline and if it can be combined, even better!

The motherline is Greek Goddesses overlapping with planets hence “Venus” out of grandmother Athena, and fatherline is stars, planets and constellations, hence Orion out of grandfather Moon.

The suggestion Eclipse is very appropriate, but might be better suited for a male foal, but we’ve included it in the choices.

Here are our 3 suggestions, which we found during search of names not taken yet.

1. Gaia

2. Iris

3. Eclipse

Please put only one comment with only number and name below this post for us to add up

Thank you for participating!



April 11th, 5:31 PM

The newest addition to the Salt River horse herd is hereby named “Iris“!! (By a large margin)

To be honest, that was our favorite pick also, because it is a perfect combination of mom and dads names; a Greek goddess and a nebula, (“Iris Nebula”), plus it goes beautifully together with Venus. Thank you for voting!

Hereby we want to bestow all the blessings and well wishes of luck and strength to little Iris and Venus and the hole family band!! They will need all of your well wishes and prayers!

Please when you have the privilege of coming across them, remember that we need to respect them in their home and keep 50 ft distance.

Thank you so much everyone!