We found AND saved Bear!

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We found AND saved Bear!

We found AND saved Bear!

December 23rd

OMG we found Bear! Please help us buy Bear back! We need a huge amount to be able to do it, $8,300! (partly purchase price and transport and partly his care) but we want to reunite him so badly!

Update: We are there!!! Bear will be with his family this Christmas! This means more to us than we can explain!! Oh thank you everyone for showing how much you care about these horses! We can now save Bear plus one more Alpine wild horse.

We are over the goal for Bear, but If he becomes the reason that we can save more of the unfortunate Alpines, then that will be amazing. Previously we did not raise enough funds, to save all the Alpines in this auction, because Facebook did not show it to people. But now everyone is seeing Bear’s story! Thank you so much for sharing.

If there ever was a horse deserving of his happily ever after, it is our beautiful Bear! And if he becomes the mascot to save more Alpine’s that would be a beautiful double outcome.

We were never “allowed” to buy him, because we are discriminated by the contractor. This poor lead stallion lost his family not once, not twice, but 3 times and we have his mare and foal now, Swan and Birdie!

Do ya’ll think we can save more? Please keep sharing for BEAR and his herd! If everyone really did give 5 dollars, it would not cost anyone a lot, but we could hypothetically buy land just through our 100,000 followers. Perhaps not so realistic, but these Alpine wild horses have been wronged in so many ways and we can dream a little dream for Christmas, to save every last one. By the power of accumulation, if everyone does a little, it will be a lot! Thank you for being part of this Christmas Miracle!


December 24th

If you donated for Bear, please shed a happy tear together with us, because the thankful tears are flowing over here!

Thank you for helping us make all the difference in the world for Bear and his family this Christmas!! Thank you Kourtney of Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary !!

(For our donors: $3,800 of Bears fundraiser is being distributed to Nirvana)