We have extremely sad news.

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We have extremely sad news.

We have extremely sad news.


May 28th

We have extremely sad news. A beautiful young stallion was found with a severe compound fracture of the cannon bone. Nothing was left intact that could have possibly healed. Therefore we are very grateful that MCSO and AZDA were able to give him a quick and painless way out of his suffering. He was a very special young stallion out of Faith and Champ, his name was Loyal, and he was that in the true sense of the word.

He was so Loyal to his family. He was still with his birth band and was helping his Dad Champ keep the family together as Champ is aging.

We are so sorry for this sad news on this holiday weekend and we are so sorry for anyone who may find his body as it is close to a recreation site. He will go back to nature as meant in the wild. Please know that his life was truly wonderful and free, and that in the end, he did not have to suffer.

Run forever free Loyal 💔

We are so grateful for our partnerships with AZDA and MCSO. Please have a safe weekend everyone. Many broken hearts for Loyal, SRWHMG.