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We Know You Will Love This Video!

We Know You Will Love This Video!

May 8th


We know you will love this video, we saved it just for Mother’s Day. This is Bubbles in her first few days, when we were monitoring her safety. (Bubbles is still the only foal on the Salt River)
During those early days, horse moms literally are teaching their babies to stay close to them. This is just adorable, but it is also risky in a forest full of bachelor stallions, so the mare has no choice but to run after her fragile newborn, out of love and concern.
It is not that different from human mothers, run after your kids, protect them from harm, teach them patiently, even while they are a little stubborn, and give them lots of love.
Thank you and Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mothers, of all species..
..because they are just like us.
Video by SRWHMG Rosa Ramsthaler,
Editing by Simone Netherlands
Starring Momma Blue and Bubbles.

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