We really appreciate the great support- not posting about sensitive information.

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We really appreciate the great support- not posting about sensitive information.

We really appreciate the great support- not posting about sensitive information.

February 4th

We really appreciate the great support from literally thousands of you; the shared sorrow seems a little lighter and gives a real sense of close community and shared love. Thank you from our many broken hearts. 💔

But we don’t really appreciate it when some people hurry and try to post on their pages, before we do, about sensitive information. 🙄

We want to warn everyone that just because pages have the word Salt River horses or mustangs in it, does not mean they are part of our group, or even remotely support our group. In fact they exist only to compete with our group, by stealing our proprietary information and acting as if it is their own. 🤮

We are not talking about normal nice pages about the horses. We are talking about the wolves in sheep’s clothes. Their “news” is only begotten from rumor, is inaccurate most of the time and purposely has NO mention of our group name, so they can act as if they did the effort. 🤔

👉If you have good intentions, please share our posts, do mention our name, and give us a little credit for how hard we work. We, as a group, work hard not only for the horses, but also to give accurate information to the public.

We feel blessed to do this work, and because of that, we probably don’t ever convey how hard it really is. The communication system and organization it takes from the top down, the directors conveying directions, volunteers following those directions and working together as a team, conveying information back again, documenting everything, and everyone giving it their all, doing what it takes, each and every time. This is not only during emergencies, there is something to handle every day…and no one gets paid a dime for their time including directors and president. We need every donation for our costs of operation.

IF in doubt about the page you are on, just check if our name is posted and mentioned, it is SRWHMG for short.

There are also many pages which do support our important work and share our posts ofcourse, please know we are NOT talking about those pages.

We are talking about pages who steal our information and act like they did it, without ever mentioning where they got the info. They never name their source and therefore steal the credit and even take donations away from people who really mean to give it to the Salt River horses.

We are the ones who organize the search party, logging every spot we’ve searched, making sure we don’t double track, cover every square foot of the forest, with many many volunteers who took days off from work and time away from their families.

If we didn’t do that, no one would know what happened to sweet Mirabelle, right? Do those pages know how many square miles we had to cover? How cold the river is in February? How hard it is to see her sweet face without the life in it?

She’s a needle in a huge forest, covered under a tree. She’s 5 months of watching out for her, she’s days of monitoring when she was brand new, when it was 118 degrees. She’s pride and joy, she’s freedom, she’s proof that wild horses can be managed humanely, she’s the culmination of everything we stand for.

Sorry, that’s why we don’t appreciate you stealing our sensitive news at a sensitive time.

We have no time to have fun photographing horses because we are too busy monitoring injuries, counting bands, darting birth control, fixing fences and cleaning up their environment. So that they can stay wild and free for all to see and enjoy. If you want to help, we can always use more volunteers.

We get one reward only; knowing that we make a difference.

Sorry, today was not a good day to ruffle our feathers. Tomorrow, just carry on with your mean girl jealous know it all shitty stuff, we will record it as evidence, laugh at the ignorance and carry on.
Thank you everyone, for understanding.