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Why we need your donations

Why we need your donations

For a second drought year in a row, with your donations, we are proving that we can get the Salt River wild horses through the worst natural conditions at their highest herd count.

It is not easy, it takes thousands of volunteer hours and a lot of organization and planning. It takes very careful execution of a strategic plan to buy and distribute semi-loads of weed free alfalfa in the forest where it is noticed by the horses but not in the way of the public.

But with that, we don’t want to hear claims that the Salt River wild horses are starving, or that there are not enough resources. That is irrelevant now, because we are providing those supplemental resources when needed. We will do it for as long as it takes, so that the public can enjoy healthy horses in a healthy environment.

We want to thank the authorities we work with for their cooperation in keeping the Salt River wild horses healthy. Thank you AZDA, Forest Service and MCSO! And we want to thank our Governor Doug Ducey, continually.

Yet this is only one of the 7 very important SRWHMG programs for the protection and long term management of the Salt River wild horses. Our current year budget is up to $400,000 and it is a big task raising all those highly needed resources to keep our programs running.

We started with nothing, but we are now setting the example for humane wild horse management everywhere.

  • You feed them when hungry, you reduce the population humanely, you educate the public politely, you place fences wisely, you mitigate safety hazards carefully.
  • You handle all emergencies so authorities don’t have to deal with it, you monitor the health of the herd and warn the public of alerts, you rescue the suffering when needed, but let them heal in the wild when possible, you provide sanctuary, raise the orphans, educate the volunteers and when needed, you continue the fight,.. until they are all safe.

We put our money where our mouth is, we come through on everything we have ever said, but more importantly, so does the public of Arizona.

SRWHMG, Proudly managing Arizona’s treasures for the public and by the public!