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Wild horse behavior: Lancelot

Wild horse behavior: Lancelot

Did you know that all lead stallions of the Salt River know each other? They all have established a certain hierarchy amongst each other. They only need to take one look at each other to know whose band has dominance. They will usually just greet each other, and then the lower ranked band will get out of the way of the higher ranked band. However, occasionally, they want to challenge their existing hierarchy and will battle for more dominance and position.

These two important lead stallions, each with large bands, got in a serious argument about that today. Their bands looked on while they battled it out. It was the first time that the older stallion (the whiter one) conceded to the younger one. (Both stallions were fine afterwords)

The muddy grey lead stallion’s name is Lancelot. He is a bit notorious with our group for putting his own band in danger. He used to hang out predominantly at Granite Reef, because he did not like confrontation with other stallions. This was a very dangerous place. We have had to rescue 4 members of his band over the years, either for being hit on the road, or falling into the canal!

But he has now established himself as a powerhouse to be respected around the forest at Coon Bluff!

Be a good boy and stay there, Lancelot.

Pics by GP Walsh Photography