Wildfire season is horrific! #Adamsfire

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Wildfire season is horrific! #Adamsfire

Wildfire season is horrific! #Adamsfire

#Adamsfire is the sixth near horse habitat and our Hwy 87 headquarters, in just the last few weeks! It is currently at 3500+ acres, but growing fast.

The tinderbox conditions are a result of the wet spring followed by our hot Arizona temperatures, which dried out all the forage. (We are glad that Salt River wild horses are busy helping to reduce all of these firefuels on their 20,000 acres)

As we saw the other day, its imperative to report any fire u see promptly; early response saves everything! Call 911 even when u are not sure if someone else already did!

Stage 1 fire restrictions are currently in effect, but we believe more stringent measures are well warrented at this time.

We are praying for the already overworked fire personnel; and we thank the U.S. Forest Service-Tonto National Forest, because they are truly good at this. We have faith in their ability to contain this latest fire also, before structures are affected. Stay safe everyone. SRWHMG.

U.S. Forest Service-Tonto National Forest

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