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WMI Central: Aug. 10 Horse Auction

WMI Central: Aug. 10 Horse Auction

August 23rd


Here’s an article about the Alpine wild horse auction. SRWHMG was there purely to keep these horses from falling into the wrong hands. Which we did, except for 4 horses whose fate we cannot assure you. This roundup needs to stop until good homes can be arranged because we cannot buy all the Alpine wild horses. There are better ways, and this is not it. #stoptheroundups #alpinewildhorses


Two colt stallions scuffle in a tree-filled pasture on Forest Service Road 124 east of Heber-Overgaard Wednesday.


Law enforcement personnel from the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office were present at a horse auction in Holbrook on Aug. 10 that had some observers upset about the conditions at the auction.

“We had four sheriff’s auxiliary volunteers there,” said NCSO Chief Deputy Brian Swanty, “four sworn NCSO personnel including myself, two detention officers and five Hash Knife Pony Express volunteers. Our priority there was to keep the peace, allow First Amendment rights to a peaceful protest and to keep the horses and people safe. Better to be prepared than not.”

Aug. 10 Horse auction by Brett Halfpop, Staff Writer