Wonderful update on Eleonore’s surgery!

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Wonderful update on Eleonore’s surgery!

Wonderful update on Eleonore’s surgery!

A wonderful update on Eleonore’s surgery from ROAR, thank you Jessica! Fingers crossed and prayers needed for Eleonore’s healing! Her surgery went well, but in this mornings vet update her blood cell count was a tad high, so Eleonore will stay at the vet so they can keep a close eye on her, until she is completely stable.

The other 5 Alpine’s are now at ASIAB quarantine facilities, doing excellent! Without us all fundraising together (ASIAB, SRWHMG ROAR and RTF) all could not have been saved. Maybe one or two could have been saved, but not all 51! (45 plus 6!)

And without our donaters they would be nowhere, – actually worse than nowhere; they would be on their way to Mexico for the most unimaginable suffering.

For our donaters: please know that it doesn’t matter who you donated to, because all donations are pooled together for the 45 Alpines, and also for these 6 Alpines! That was all pre-arranged between us, to make their rescue possible. None of us could have accomplished it on our own, but together we are strong.

PS You’d think contractor Jackie Hughes would be happy they didn’t end up in Mexico, but she seems very unhappy and is trying hard with manipulative messages on social media to divide the coalition. Just know that we know Jackie Hughes and her trademark tactics of pitching organizations and people against each other all too well, we are immune to it, so no worries. Thank you everyone!