💕Would you be their Valentine??

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💕Would you be their Valentine??

💕Would you be their Valentine??

February 13th

If you love the Salt River wild horses, and love that we rescue them when they need it, we want you to know that you can chose any of the rescues to be your valentine. Show them some love by picking one to sponsor!
As their sponsor you will be invited automatically to our Sponsorday at our SRWHMG facility, where you can get to actually meet them! You will also automatically receive our beautiful calendar as soon as it comes out 2024. You will become an important part of their lives and our overall mission of humane management.

The reason we post this is because they are in urgent need of sponsors because of the hay prices that have doubled since last year. The ever rising costs of equine care are truly hard to keep up with. We simply always want to give them the best of the best. Without their sponsors, we could not do that. Please click here to see all of our rescues you can pick!

Sponsor a Salt River Wild Horse

There is no greater reward, than knowing you make a difference. 💕

All of the SRWHMG non-profit programs are dedicated to safeguarding wild horse habitat and using humane standards of treatment. Every dollar of your tax deductible donation goes towards the horses directly.

Thank you so very much to all existing sponsors and new sponsors. SRWHMG.