A little tour of the SRWHMG Rescue Facility.

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A little tour of the SRWHMG Rescue Facility.

August 3rd @ 12 PM

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Over the past 5 years we have rescued 16 Salt River wild horses, whom we are providing sanctuary for.

Most of them, we had to rescue when they were just babies because they were so badly injured that their bands had left them. Some of them were also rescued because they lost their mothers; foals simply cannot survive without mother’s milk. We have also rescued in cases of accidents, like car accidents, or losing a hoof in a cattle guard, and even falling in the SRP South Canal. There are also two cases of emaciated horses we had to rescue, because we did not have a feed program yet at that time.

All of them have formed a family band together and they have strong bonds, just like in the wild. Unfortunately, none of these Salt River wild horses can be released back onto the forest.

These rescues were gentled and tamed for their medical care and foal care, and are very much used to their luxury life. Can you imagine them coming up to the public for a scratch? They would be a danger to themselves and to the public.

We would love to have a rescue and release program one day, but it would only be possible if we could keep the horse in question completely untamed. For now that is not authorized by the FS and AZDA, so we give them sanctuary at our facility, so that they can stay together and live happily ever after.

Our programs continue but we have been hit hard by a drop in donations due to Covid19. You can sponsor any one of these loving Salt River horses on our website, which in turn ensures their happy ending.

Thank you for your support. SRWHMG.